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20:27 TechnologyReview.comVideo games don’t depress teens as much as other screen time

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18:05 Phys.orgImage: Wildfire sparks in sugarcane fields on the island of Maui

A massive wildfire on the island of Maui, Hawaii began mid-morning on Thursday, July 11, 2019. The cause of the fire remains unknown. Over 10,000 acres of old sugar cane fields and dry vegetation burned quickly and the fire grew so swiftly that thousands of residents near the fire were evacuated. Winds blowing at 20 mph caused the fire to spread and fanned flames crossed into fallow fields.

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17:54 Phys.orgImage: Hubble peers at galactic cherry blossoms

The galaxy NGC 1156 resembles a delicate cherry blossom tree flowering in springtime in this Hubble image. The many bright "blooms" within the galaxy are in fact stellar nurseries—regions where new stars are springing to life. Energetic light emitted by newborn stars in these regions streams outwards and encounters nearby pockets of hydrogen gas, causing the gas to glow with a characteristic pink hue.

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17:06 Phys.orgImage: Earth and an eclipsed moon

SMART-1, ESA's first mission to the moon, captured this series of unique images of our home planet Earth and the moon during a total lunar eclipse.

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14:19 Phys.orgVideo: Friend or foe? Fun facts about sharks

Sharks often get a bad rap, even though most species are harmless to humans, says Katherine Maslenikov, manager of the UW Fish Collection at the Burke Museum.

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14:19 Phys.orgImage: HiRISE spots Curiosity rover at Mars' Woodland Bay

A dramatic Martian landscape can be seen in a new image taken from space, showing NASA's Curiosity rover examining a location called "Woodland Bay." It's just one of many stops the rover has made in an area referred to as the "clay-bearing unit" on the side of Mount Sharp, a 3-mile-tall (5-kilometer-tall) mountain inside of Gale Crater.

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13:58 Phys.orgScientists unveil the first-ever image of quantum entanglement

For the first time ever, physicists have managed to take a photo of a strong form of quantum entanglement called Bell entanglement—capturing visual evidence of an elusive phenomenon which a baffled Albert Einstein once called 'spooky action at a distance'.

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19:25 Physics.Aps.orgFocus:

Author(s): David Ehrenstein Liquid droplets bouncing on a vibrating liquid surface can execute a surprising cycle, alternating between moving and standing still.
[Physics 12, 80] Published Fri Jul 12, 2019

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17:55 Phys.orgAmazon forges fellowship for 'Lord of the Rings' online video game

Amazon has landed a prime franchise on which to build an online game: the Lord of the Rings.

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15:59 Phys.orgImage: Mount Fuji, Japan

The Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission takes us over Mount Fuji, Japan's highest mountain standing at 3776 metres tall. In this spring image, the mountain can be seen coated in pure white snow.

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15:36 Phys.orgResearchers image molecules as they change charge states for first time

A team of researchers from IBM Research–Zurich, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company and Universidade de Santiago de Compostela has, for the first time, imaged molecules as they change charge states. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes how they created the images and what they saw.

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14:13 Phys.orgImage: Martian meteorite on Earth calibrates camera bound for Mars

Exhibit 0102.226 may look like just a rock, but this dark and patchy mass is actually a piece of Mars, ejected when an asteroid or comet struck the Red Planet and sent chunks flying towards Earth.

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21:39 NewScientist.ComMolecules pictured changing shape as they gain and lose electrons

When molecules gain even a small electric charge, their shapes and chemical properties shift. Now we’ve watched those changes in action for the first time

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09:11 Nanowerk.comRobot-ants that can jump, communicate and work together (w/video)

Researchers have developed tiny 10-gram robots that are inspired by ants: they can communicate with each other, assign roles among themselves and complete complex tasks together.

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16:06 Phys.orgImage: European Service Module 2 assembly

The European Service Module-2 (ESM-2) is somewhat like the portal it appears to be in this image. By providing power and propulsion for the Orion spacecraft, it will transport humans back to the Moon, roughly fifty years after humankind first landed on its surface.

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15:54 Phys.orgImage: X-ray serendipity

The purple lines and blotches scattered across this image show something incredible: all of the X-ray sources that were serendipitously detected—that is, not intentionally targeted—by ESA's XMM-Newton X-ray space observatory from 2000 to 2017.

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17:49 Phys.orgNanoscale visualization of the distribution and optical behavior of dopant in GaN

In Gallium Nitride (GaN) implanted with a small amount of magnesium (Mg), NIMS succeeded for the first time in visualizing the distribution and optical behavior of implanted Mg at the nanoscale which may help in improving electrical performance of GaN based devices. Some of the mechanisms by which introduced Mg ions convert GaN into a p-type semiconductor are also revealed. These findings may significantly expedite the identification of optimum conditions for Mg implantation vital to the mass production of GaN power devices.

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17:26 Nanowerk.comNanoscale visualization of the distribution and optical behavior of dopant in GaN

Significant advances in the understanding of P-Type GaN semiconductor formation mechanisms and techniques enabling mass production of GaN devices.

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09:58 Phys.orgA clearer picture of global ice sheet mass

Fluctuations in the masses of the world's largest ice sheets carry important consequences for future sea level rise, but understanding the complicated interplay of atmospheric conditions, snowfall input and melting processes has never been easy to measure due to the sheer size and remoteness inherent to glacial landscapes.

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20:02 Phys.orgVideo: Can we make ocean water drinkable—and should we?

We need water to survive—and Earth is covered in it! Unfortunately, almost all of that water is salty.

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19:24 Physics.Aps.orgFocus: Molecular Probe Uses a Polarization Flip

Author(s): Michael Schirber A new way of probing molecules with handedness involves a light pulse in which the polarization changes in the middle of a single wave cycle.
[Physics 12, 77] Published Mon Jul 08, 2019

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11:23 Nanowerk.comCamera brings unseen world to light (w/video)

Portable polarization-sensitive camera could be used in machine vision, autonomous vehicles, security, atmospheric chemistry and more.

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12:48 Technology.orgWhat happens when you throw a live round into fire? Not what you think it does (Video)

Throw a live round in a campfire – what do you think is going to happen? Do you

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23:27 Technology.orgHubble has a Brand New Picture of the Massive Star Eta Carinae. It Could Detonate as a Supernova Any Day Now

7500 light years away is an object that (almost) needs no introduction: Eta Carinae. If you haven’t heard

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16:13 Phys.orgImage: Radio frequency model of Europe's future Meteosat Third Generation Imager (MTG-I) satellite

This mesh-based model of Europe's future Meteosat Third Generation Imager (MTG-I) satellite has helped select the optimal location of the radio frequency antennas used to send it commands and downlink mission telemetry.

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16:13 Phys.orgImage: Suomi NPP satellite captures ongoing fires in Alaska

There are many fires ongoing in the state of Alaska, but two of the largest are visible in this satellite image—Hess Creek Fire and Swan Lake Fire.

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14:52 Phys.orgImage: 400-hectare wildfire is largest ever in German state

On 30 June, a wildfire broke out at a military training site in Lübtheen, in northern Germany.

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11:59 Technology.orgHow you and your friends can play a video game together using only your minds

Telepathic communication might be one step closer to reality thanks to new research from the University of Washington.

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20:25 Technology.orgIAM vs CIAM (Infographic)

What happens if your employee identity and access management (IAM) system goes down for an hour? You might

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15:53 Phys.orgNew camera system to offer high-resolution images and video of lunar landings

A new spacecraft-mounted camera system funded by NASA is poised to return the first high-resolution video of a landing plume as it lands on the moon.

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17:59 Phys.orgVideo game designer establishes lab for renewable energy

A Dutch video game designer and entrepreneur has established a laboratory on the Big Island that is focused on developing alternatives to fossil fuels for energy, the Hawaii Tribune-Herald reported.

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16:26 Phys.orgImage: Mars 2020 rover's seven-foot-long robotic arm installed

In this image, taken on June 21, 2019, engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, install the main robotic arm on the Mars 2020 rover. (A smaller arm to handle Mars samples will be installed inside the rover as well.) The main arm includes five electrical motors and five joints (known as the shoulder azimuth joint, shoulder elevation joint, elbow joint, wrist joint and turret joint). Measuring 7 feet (2.1 meters) long, the arm will allow the rover to work as a human geologist would: by holding and using science tools with its turret, which is essentially its "hand."

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16:15 Phys.orgDrone transmits uncompressed 4K video in real time using millimeter wave tech

SECOM and Tokyo Institute of Technology have jointly developed a millimeter-wave wireless communication system that enables long distance communication, and succeeded in transmitting 4K uncompressed video in real time from a drone.

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14:33 Phys.orgVideo: Proba-2's predicted view of 2 July eclipse

On 2 July 2019, a total solar eclipse will be visible from the South Pacific, falling over land for some parts of Chile and Argentina, with other South American countries enjoying a partial eclipse.

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12:00 Technology.orgWorking parents fight image battle on two fronts

Managing a reputation as both a good employee and devoted parent can lead to serious consequences for working parents,

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19:27 Physics.Aps.orgFocus: Folded Solar Panel Opens Without Power Source

Author(s): Philip Ball A spacecraft solar cell design uses a temperature-sensitive polymer to expand the panel’s surface area by 10 times in 40 seconds.
[Physics 12, 75] Published Fri Jun 28, 2019

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16:38 Phys.orgImage: Gulf of Taranto

The Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission takes us over the Gulf of Taranto, located on the inner heel of southern Italy.

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16:26 Phys.orgImage: The heat is on across Europe

With some places expecting to be hit with air temperatures of over 40°C in the next days, much of Europe is in the grip of a heatwave—and one that is setting record highs for June. According to meteorologists this current bout of sweltering weather is down to hot air being drawn from north Africa.

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13:43 Technology.orgRecursion Cellular Image Classification

The cost of some drugs and medical treatments has risen so high in recent years that many patients

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12:25 ChemistryWorld.comStudy paints upbeat picture of global trust in science

But inequality and erosion of trust in public institutions linked to mistrust of science

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11:57 Technology.orgEfforts to Improve Health Care Value Should Focus on Doing the Right Thing

Health care institutions and providers face mounting pressure to wring more value out of every dollar spent on

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21:58 Phys.orgNew AI tool captures top players' strategies in RNA video game

A new artificial-intelligence tool captures strategies used by top players of an internet-based videogame to design new RNA molecules. Rohan Koodli and colleagues at the Eterna massive open laboratory present the tool, called EternaBrain, in PLOS Computational Biology. Eterna is directed by the lab of Prof. Rhiju Das at the Stanford University School of Medicine in California.

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19:36 Phys.orgVideo: The chemistry behind black powder

Old-school gunpowder is really called "black powder," and it was so crucial to the Revolutionary War effort that early Americans went to great (and gross) lengths to make it.

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16:47 Phys.orgImage: Fire red lines

One of the largest wildfires recorded in Arizona, US, has been burning since 8 June, destroying vast swathes of vegetation across the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix.

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14:58 Phys.orgVideo: The future of sunscreen begins with cuttlefish

The pigments in the skin of cephalopods, including squid, octopus, and cuttlefish, can absorb ultraviolet radiation.

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14:58 Phys.orgImage: A whirlpool 'Warhol' from NASA's Spitzer telescope

Unlike Andy Warhol's famous silkscreen grids of repeating images rendered in different colors, the varying hues of this galaxy represent how its appearance changes in different wavelengths of light—from visible light to the infrared light seen by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope.

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14:09 AzoNano.comMaking Music from Proteins (Video)

Composers string notes of different pitch and duration together to create music. Similarly, cells join amino acids with different characteristics together to make proteins. Now, researchers have...

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22:21 Nanowerk.comRobot arm tastes with engineered bacteria (w/video)

Researchers have developed a robotic gripping arm that uses engineered bacteria to 'taste' for a specific chemical. The gripper is a proof-of-concept for biologically-based soft robotics.

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15:42 Phys.orgVideo: ESA defending Earth

Hera will show us things we've never seen before. Astrophysicist and and Queen guitarist Brian May tells the story of the ESA mission that would be humanity's first-ever spacecraft to visit a double asteroid.

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22:38 Phys.orgData visualization could reveal nature of the universe

As cosmologists ponder the universe—and other possible universes—the data available to them is so complex and vast that it can be extremely challenging for humans alone to comprehend.

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17:50 Phys.orgVideo games offer clues to help curb animal disease outbreaks

Strengthening biosecurity is widely considered the best strategy to reduce the devastating impact of disease outbreaks in the multi-billion-dollar global swine industry, but successfully doing so all comes down to human decision-making, a University of Vermont study shows.

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16:27 Phys.orgIdentifying a fake picture online is harder than you might think

It can be hard to tell whether a picture is real. Consider, as the participants in our recent research did, these two images and see whether you think neither, either or both of them has been doctored.

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16:14 Technology.orgAn expensive mistake you don’t want to make – how to NOT jack your car up (Video)

Working on your car brings a lot of satisfaction. You get lots of enjoyment seeing your dream become

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16:02 Phys.orgScientists capture first-ever video of giant squid in U.S. waters

FIU marine scientists Heather Bracken-Grissom and Lori Schweikert were among a team of researchers gathered around a monitor when the tentacle first came into view. It floated in and out of the darkness offering no hint of what was on the other end. Then, in an elegant explosion of arms and tentacles, the creature revealed itself—the phantom of the deep, known simply as the giant squid.

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19:17 Physics.Aps.orgFocus: How to Guide Each Ion in a Beam

Author(s): Peter Weiss A new ion beam system provides individualized control over every ion’s trajectory as it moves toward a target.
[Physics 12, 70] Published Fri Jun 21, 2019

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18:34 Phys.orgResearchers discover traditional fluid flow observations may miss the big picture

Before and after comparisons don't tell the full story of chemical reactions in flowing fluids, such as those in a chemical reactor, according to a new study from a collaboration based in Japan.

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19:17 Phys.orgVideo: Why does the moon smell like gunpowder?

After walking on the moon, astronauts hopped back into their lunar lander, bringing the heavenly body's dust along with them on their spacesuits.

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18:54'DNA microscopy' offers entirely new way to image cells

Instead of relying on light (or any kind of optics at all), scientists use DNA 'bar codes' to help pinpoint molecules' relative positions within a sample.

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18:07'DNA microscopy' offers entirely new way to image cells

Microscopy just got reinvented—again.

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19:24 Phys.orgFreezing bubbles viral video inspired research now published

Scientific inquiry often begins with the "why."

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17:02 Phys.orgImage: Metal bracket in Ariane 5 is 3-D-printed in titanium

This organically-styled bracket, designed for the interior of an Ariane 5 launcher, was 3-D printed in space-worthy titanium alloy for an R&D project.

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15:27 Phys.orgAdvancing AI for video: Startup launches powerful video processing platform

Voxel51, a University of Michigan startup, today launched its flagship product—a software platform designed to make it easier, faster and more affordable to access the untapped potential of video data.

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19:38 Technology.orgHow mobile apps can prevent security breaches? (Infographic)

Mobile devices have become increasingly attractive targets for hackers looking to exploit the sensitive personal information they store.

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17:44 NewScientist.ComOSIRIS-REx spacecraft captures closest ever image of asteroid Bennu

NASA has captured its closest and most detailed image yet of Bennu, a 78 billion-kilogram asteroid which approaches close to Earth every six years

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16:55 NewScientist.ComOSIRIS-REx spacecraft captures closest ever image of Bennu asteroid

NASA has captured its closest and most detailed image yet of Bennu, a 78 billion-kilogram asteroid which approaches close to Earth every six years

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15:23 Phys.orgNew mapping application visualizes costs of developing renewable energy resources

A new report, "Exploring Renewable Energy Opportunities in Select Southeast Asian Countries: A Geospatial Analysis of the LCOE of Utility-Scale Wind and Solar PV," finds that there is abundant potential for utility-scale, land-based wind and solar PV development across Southeast Asia.

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15:11 Phys.orgImage: Desert greenery

Today marks the 25th anniversary of World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought (WDCD). Under its theme 'Let's grow the future together,' the initiative celebrates the 25 years of progress made in sustainable land management.

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12:18 ChemistryWorld.comImage manipulation allegations hit Indian toxicology institute

Investigation launched after images in as many as 130 papers questioned

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22:54 Nanowerk.comNow your phone can become a robot that does the boring work (w/video)

Researchers have developed a prototype smartphone app that allows a user to easily program any robot to perform a mundane activity, such as picking up parts from one area and delivering them to another.

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22:42 Nanowerk.com3D printed tissues and organs without the scaffolding (w/video)

A research has developed a process that enables 3D printing of biological tissues without scaffolds using 'ink' made up of only stem cells.

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16:22 Phys.orgImage: Instant space selfies

How many times have you taken a selfie and posted it instantly to your favourite social media channel? The Mercury Transfer Module of the BepiColombo spacecraft, currently en route to Mercury, is equipped with three 'selfie-cams' and this morning captured a series of snapshots and subsequently posted them to its Twitter account.

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20:28 Technology.orgGM and Michelin to introduce airless tires to passenger vehicles until 2024 (Video)

Your car is still using pneumatic tires and that’s great. They absorb impact, they are relatively quiet and

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22:51 Technology.orgScientists created video goggles to improve the diagnosis of vertigo

Vertigo is not the fear of heights. It is actually a form of severe dizziness, which leads to

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19:22 Physics.Aps.orgFocus: X-Ray Movie Reveals Origin of Metal Splashing

Author(s): Michael Schirber X-ray imaging of a manufacturing technique has captured the formation of molten metal projectiles that produce imperfections.
[Physics 12, 66] Published Fri Jun 14, 2019

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18:11 Phys.orgVideo: What is the chemistry behind ringworm?

Did you know that ringworm is not actually a worm?

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16:39 Phys.orgVisualizing a quantum crystal: Imaging the electronic Wigner crystal in 1-D

When electrons that repel each other are confined to a small space, they can form an ordered crystalline state known as a Wigner crystal. Observing the fragile crystal is tricky, since it requires extreme conditions including low temperatures and densities, as well as noninvasive imaging probes. To overcome the challenging conditions of imaging, I. Shapir and a research team in the departments of Physics and Condensed Matter Physics in Israel, Romania and Hungary created conditions in a carbon nanotube (NT) to house the electrons. They followed this experimental step by using a second nanotube as a probe (called "probe NT") to scan the first nanotube (termed "system NT"). The physicists measured the electronic densities and showed their consistency with theoretical predictions to demonstrate small Wigner crystals of up to six electrons in one dimension (1-D). The results are now published

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22:43 Phys.orgFacebook's Zuckerberg is the focus of latest doctored video

Three weeks after Facebook refused to remove a doctored video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slurring her words, Mark Zuckerberg is getting a taste of his own medicine: fake footage showing him gloating over his one-man domination of the world.

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19:49 Phys.orgFacebook says video shows reach 720 mn viewers

Facebook said Wednesday some 720 million people are watching its original video shows, making it a growing part of the social network as it wades into the territory of YouTube and other rivals.

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15:52 Technology.orgFord uses plastic bottles to make wheel liners and underbody shields (Video)

Recycling is important and you’re probably already doing it. But have you ever stopped and thought for a

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14:05 Technology.orgAmsterdam University Medical Center wins MR Solutions’ newly launched Image of the Year Award

The Amsterdam University Medical Center has won MR Solutions’ Image of the Year 2019 award for the best

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12:54 TechnologyReview.comFacebook has promised to leave up a deepfake video of Mark Zuckerberg

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18:30 Nanowerk.comNew material with magnetic shape memory (w/video)

What is special about the new material is that, unlike previous shape-memory materials, it consists of a polymer and droplets of a so-called magnetorheological fluid embedded in it. Areas of application for this new type of composite material include medicine, aerospace, electronics and robotics.

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09:55 Phys.orgUbisoft plays into streaming trend at E3 video game event

French video game titan Ubisoft on Monday unveiled a new subscription service and a Brexit-tinged title as it taps into the industry trend toward streaming games.

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20:53 Technology.orgThe Technology Behind Car Hacking (Infographic)

As technology advances, companies start to implement innovative features in their products. One product that many consumers see

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16:55 Technology.orgImproving Customer Experience (CX) with Data Visualization (DV)

Customer service departments of big companies engage with thousands of customers every day. Each interaction holds importance and

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21:03 Phys.orgImage: Mature galaxy mesmerizes in new Hubble view

This striking image was taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3), a powerful instrument installed on the telescope in 2009. WFC3 is responsible for many of Hubble's most breathtaking and iconic photographs.

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20:22 Physics.Aps.orgFocus: Thickening Fluid Gets Even Thicker

Author(s): Mark Buchanan Adding long polymers to a fluid that becomes more viscous as it’s stirred amplifies the effect, in contrast to results with short polymers.
[Physics 12, 64] Published Fri Jun 07, 2019

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19:12 Phys.orgVideo: Could you fail a drug test by taking CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound produced by the marijuana plant that seems to be everywhere these days. Maybe you've even been asked if you'd like it added to your morning cup of joe! Interestingly, the chemical structure of CBD is very similar to THC, which is the marijuana-derived compound responsible for getting people high and the one screened for by drug tests.

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16:20 Phys.orgLost and Hound: Video games for the vision impaired

How do you play a game when you can't see the world around you? A WA game might have the answer.

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16:08 Phys.orgVideo Games can improve your mental maths

Researchers gave more than 200 WA students video game consoles to play in the classroom—here's what happened.

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16:08 Phys.orgThe end is nigh for Apple's iTunes as the tech giant targets separate audio and video markets

Apple says it's replacing iTunes with three dedicated entertainment applications as part of its new Mac operating system, Catalina, for desktop and laptop computers.

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15:16 Technology.orgExperts Say Video Gaming Helps Improve Your Brain Size and Connectivity

Recent studies focused on the benefits of playing video games revealed how long-term gaming increases brain size and

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14:22 Phys.orgVideo streaming framework allows users to download content collaboratively

Sharing a streaming video or watching the big game on a single electronic device can lead to a big fight: whose data plan is going to be used up for the event? Purdue University researchers have come up with technology that could open a new door for video streaming.

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20:10 Phys.orgVideo gamers design brand new proteins

A team of researchers encoded their specialized knowledge into the computer game Foldit to enable citizen scientists to successfully design synthetic proteins for the first time.

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19:02 NewScientist.ComAI camera worn by gulls captures video highlights of their lives

Smart cameras attached to animals record video only during certain activities, allowing extremely the extremely light device to work for longer and only capture the important bits

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20:09 Phys.orgRare fossils provide more detailed picture of biodiversity during Middle Ordovician

A clutch of marine fossil specimens unearthed in northern Portugal that lived between 470 and 459 million years ago is filling a gap in understanding evolution during the Middle Ordovician period.

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18:37 Photonics.comResearchers Combine OCT and 3D Microscopy to Image Embryos

To help researchers and clinicians better understand the cellular-level events that occur during embryonic development, a team from the University of Houston and Baylor College of Medicine is developing a new technology to allow simultaneous imaging of embryonic structural development and the molecular underpinnings that occur in the developing circulatory system. The new system will merge OCT, used to collect high-resolution images of structural growth, and 3D fluorescence imaging such as light sheet microscopy, used to observe cellular changes. The researchers will align the two techniques in 3D using specially designed software to synchronize the data collection. Researchers are developing a new technology to allow simultaneous imaging of both embryonic structural development and the molecular underpinnings that occur in the developing circulatory system. Courtesy of

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16:31 Technology.org6 Savvy Business Lessons for Professionals from a Car Salesperson (Infographic)

Sales is not a job for the faint of heart. No matter your profession or line of work,

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15:05 Phys.orgMost detailed X-ray image of batteries yet to reveal why they still aren't good enough

Electric cars rely on the same lithium-ion battery technology that's in smartphones, laptops and virtually everything electronic.

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17:22 Phys.orgHow prehistoric people faced climate change revealed by video game technology

How will climate change remake our world in the 21st century? Will we be able to adapt and survive? As with many things, the past is a good guide for the future. Humans have experienced climate changes in the past that have transformed their environment—studying their response could tell us something about our own fate.

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