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18:45 Editors' SuggestionsNonlinear Dynamics of Human Aortas for Material Characterization

Author(s): Marco Amabili, Prabakaran Balasubramanian, Isabella Bozzo, Ivan D. Breslavsky, Giovanni Ferrari, Giulio Franchini, Francesco Giovanniello, and Chloé Pogue Younger aortas can expand 5 times more than older ones as fluid pumps through them, a finding that could help to design more successful aortic prostheses.
[Phys. Rev. X 10, 011015] Published Thu Jan 23, 2020

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18:35 Editors' SuggestionsNonlinear isotope-shift effects in Be-like, B-like, and C-like argon

Author(s): V. A. Yerokhin, R. A. Müller, A. Surzhykov, P. Micke, and P. O. Schmidt Nonlinear effects of the King plot in the isotope shifts of the 2P fine-structure transitions in Be-, B-, and C-like argon ions are investigated through large-scale configuration-interaction calculations. Nonlinearities are found to be four orders of magnitude larger than previous estimates in comparable systems. This work could be important for the identification of possible nonlinearities originating from physics beyond the standard model.
[Phys. Rev. A 101, 012502] Published Mon Jan 06, 2020

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18:35 Editors' SuggestionsTransient Second-Order Nonlinear Media: Breaking the Spatial Symmetry in the Time Domain via Hot-Electron Transfer

Author(s): Mohammad Taghinejad, Zihao Xu, Kyu-Tae Lee, Tianquan Lian, and Wenshan Cai Using a laser, researchers double the frequency of light reflected off a surface, showcasing on-demand, all-optical control of optical effects needed in optoelectronics.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 013901] Published Thu Jan 02, 2020

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22:40 Editors' SuggestionsVariation in electron emission time in weakly nonlinear laser wakefield acceleration

Author(s): K. Huang, H. Kotaki, M. Mori, T. Esirkepov, J. K. Koga, Y. Hayashi, N. Nakanii, S. V. Bulanov, and M. Kando Electro-optic sampling technique allows one to monitor electron emission time in laser wakefield accelerators.
[Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 22, 121301] Published Thu Dec 19, 2019

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02:04 WhatReallyHappened.comNonlinear warfare: A new system of political control [Adam Curtis] 2015 "The goal is to undermine people's perception of the world so they never know what is really happening."

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17:41 Phys.orgStudy unveils new nonlinear dynamics of spinning bosonic stars

Although researchers have been studying dark matter and trying to observe it, its nature is a longstanding scientific mystery. The standard cosmological model suggests that approximately one-quarter of cosmological energy and matter is almost immune to electromagnetic interactions, thus the only way to observe it is to study its gravitational effects. However, the type of particles that make up dark matter is still a subject of debate.

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19:47 Editors' SuggestionsPulsed Self-Oscillating Nonlinear Systems for Robust Wireless Power Transfer

Author(s): Fu Liu, Bhakti Chowkwale, Prasad Jayathurathnage, and Sergei Tretyakov No strings attached… Robustness and high efficiency in systems for wireless power transfer are in high demand, and are crucial for broad commercialization of wireless charging technologies. This study presents a simple, reliable path to this goal, by utilizing the principle of self-oscillating wireless power generation, which combines robust operation with pulsed oscillations that yield high efficiency. This approach can be applied to many wireless charging scenarios, including dynamic wireless power transfer systems.
[Phys. Rev. Applied 12, 054040] Published Mon Nov 18, 2019

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18:39 Editors' SuggestionsSymmetry and quantum kinetics of the nonlinear Hall effect

Author(s): S. Nandy and Inti Sodemann Unlike the ordinary Hall effect, the nonlinear Hall effect (NLHE) can occur in time-reversal-invariant metals lacking inversion symmetry. The authors uncover that two disorder-mediated corrections to the NLHE, namely, the nonlinear side jump and the nonlinear skew scattering, can be as large as the intrinsic Berry curvature dipole contribution. These findings will help to understand recent experiments searching for NLHE in various materials. They also offer a description of the role of disorder in current rectification in materials without inversion symmetry that could be relevant for wireless energy harvesting technology.
[Phys. Rev. B 100, 195117] Published Tue Nov 12, 2019

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15:49 Phys.orgSurface functionalized microcavity boosts nonlinear optics

Silica optical microcavities are mainstay photonic devices, valued for their intrinsically ultra-low loss in the broadband spectra and mature fabrication processes, but unfortunately, they suffer from low second- and third-order optical nonlinearity. A notable feature of the microcavity is the inherent leaking evanescent field at the surface, which opens the window for light-matter interactions at the surface.

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17:42 Editors' SuggestionsMicrocavity Nonlinear Optics with an Organically Functionalized Surface

Author(s): Jin-hui Chen, Xiaoqin Shen, Shui-Jing Tang, Qi-Tao Cao, Qihuang Gong, and Yun-Feng Xiao The efficiency of a third-order nonlinear process is improved by four orders of magnitude in ultrahigh-Q silica cavity, opening a new regime of nonlinear optics.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 173902] Published Thu Oct 24, 2019

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14:35 Phys.orgMapping nonlinear research impact pathways

Universities have always performed work that benefits the broader community. But in recent years there has been much more emphasis on demonstrating and measuring the impact that this work has outside academia, with impact assessment now embedded in many national and international research rating systems, which in turn feed into funding.

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18:38 Editors' SuggestionsStatistical Properties of the Nonlinear Stage of Modulation Instability in Fiber Optics

Author(s): Adrien E. Kraych, Dmitry Agafontsev, Stéphane Randoux, and Pierre Suret Experimental observation of modulation instability and its statistical properties reveal the spatiotemporal dynamics of a plane wave of light propagating through a nonlinear optical fiber subject to random noise.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 093902] Published Wed Aug 28, 2019

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18:36 Nature.ComNonlinear optics in the fractional quantum Hall regime

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22:55 WhatReallyHappened.comDaily liquidity with potentially very illiquid underlying can create massive nonlinear market dislocations...

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18:28 Editors' SuggestionsNew approach to LHC optics commissioning for the nonlinear era

Author(s): E. H. Maclean, R. Tomás, F. S. Carlier, M. S. Camillocci, J. W. Dilly, J. Coello de Portugal, E. Fol, K. Fuchsberger, A. Garcia-Tabares Valdivieso, M. Giovannozzi, M. Hofer, L. Malina, T. H. B. Persson, P. K. Skowronski, and A. Wegscheider The crossing angles in the experimental insertions couple the linear and nonlinear optics of the LHC.
[Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 22, 061004] Published Fri Jun 21, 2019

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21:20 Physics.Aps.orgSynopsis: Nonlinear Forces Explain Elastomer Ridges

A new theory that incorporates nonlinear properties of rubber-like materials correctly describes the shape of the ridge that forms when the material is strongly deformed by an object.
[Physics] Published Tue Jun 18, 2019

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17:19 Editors' SuggestionsNonlinear electromagnetic response and Higgs-mode excitation in BCS superconductors with impurities

Author(s): Mikhail Silaev Recently, light-induced excitation of Higgs modes, i.e., oscillations of the order-parameter amplitude in superconductors, has been observed. The mechanism of this effect has remained not fully understood. In the absence of relaxation processes, the order-parameter amplitude is not affected by the irradiation, since the systems of quasiparticle excitations and Cooper pairs move together and remain in equilibrium with each other. This work demonstrates how the relaxation of quasiparticles by impurity scattering leads to finite coupling between the Higgs mode and light. The suggested theory can be used to study light-matter interaction in anisotropic and multiband superconductors, such as high-temperature cuprates, iron pnictides, and magnesium diboride.
[Phys. Rev. B 99, 224511] Published Tue Jun 18, 2019

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17:22 Editors' SuggestionsDynamical systems and nonlinear transient rheology of the far-from-equilibrium Bjorken flow

Author(s): Alireza Behtash, Syo Kamata, Mauricio Martinez, and Haosheng Shi The authors investigate the nonlinear dynamics of a far-from-equilibrium weakly coupled plasma undergoing a certain hydrodynamic expansion – Bjorken expansion. By using an asymptotic perturbative power series of the one-particle distribution function, they develop a new non-perturbative dynamical renormalization scheme that goes beyond the linear response theory. As a result, this provides a new description for the transport coefficients in regimes far from equilibrium.
[Phys. Rev. D 99, 116012] Published Fri Jun 14, 2019

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23:48 Yahoo ScienceNonlinear Materials goes public with plan to commercialize electro-optic devices

It’s taken 20 years, but executives at Seattle-based Nonlinear Materials Corp. are finally putting the pieces in place for what they say could be a revolution in electro-optical processing. “Everything in tech is about timing,” said Nonlinear Materials CEO Gerard Zytnicki, a Microsoft veteran who’s served as a consultant for a wide range of tech ventures. “And we think that from all perspectives, the timing is right for this technology to basically take off.” NLM’s technology aims to turbocharge chip processing speeds by taking advantage of optical computing, which manipulates photons of light rather than electrons. That, in turn, could… Read More

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16:28 Editors' SuggestionsProbing the

Author(s): Christoph Sens-Schönfelder and Tom Eulenfeld Seismic measurements reveal the influences of lunar gravitational forces and solar heat on the properties of rocks.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 138501] Published Fri Apr 05, 2019

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18:03 Editors' SuggestionsLinear and nonlinear regimes of an inertial wave attractor

Author(s): Maxime Brunet, Thierry Dauxois, and Pierre-Philippe Cortet We report an experimental study of the nonlinear regime of an inertial wave attractor revealing the emergence of a triadic resonance instability with singular features. The attractor properties are shown to be well described by introducing a turbulent viscosity in the linear attractor model.
[Phys. Rev. Fluids 4, 034801] Published Tue Mar 05, 2019

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23:10 Editors' SuggestionsDistinguishing Nonlinear Terahertz Excitation Pathways with Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy

Author(s): Courtney L. Johnson, Brittany E. Knighton, and Jeremy A. Johnson This first example of 2D-THz vibrational spectroscopy shows that 2D spectroscopy is needed to distinguish a dominant energy-flow pathway when nonlinearly exciting CdWO4 with intense THz radiation.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 073901] Published Thu Feb 21, 2019

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20:08 Editors' SuggestionsNonlinear adaptive control of competitive release and chemotherapeutic resistance

Author(s): P. K. Newton and Y. Ma Chemotherapeutic schedules may be designed to manage competition between healthy and cancerous cells. The authors of this work model interactions of cells based on a prisoner’s dilemma game and select time-dependent therapies by using nonlinear trajectory design techniques. The design procedure should also work in more complex environments.
[Phys. Rev. E 99, 022404] Published Tue Feb 05, 2019

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20:08 Editors' SuggestionsNonlinear resonances generate large-scale convection cells in phase space

Author(s): Fan Wu, Dmitri Vainchtein, and Anton Artemyev In this theoretical analysis, the authors show that charged particles resonantly interacting with electromagnetic waves can generate large-scale coherent structures. Defying conventional expectations, this shows that these interactions can create coherence instead of chaos.
[Phys. Rev. E 99, 020201(R)] Published Tue Feb 05, 2019

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17:36 Phys.orgNonlinear integrated quantum electro-optic circuits

Physicists envision that the future of quantum computation networks will contain scalable, monolithic circuits, which include advanced functionalities on a single physical substrate. While substantial progress has already been made for a variety of applications on different platforms, the range of diverse photonic states that can be manipulated on demand on a single chip remain limited. This is specifically observed for dynamic time management in quantum devices.

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12:37 Nanowerk.comBroadband nonlinear photoresponse of 2D titanium disulfide for ultrashort pulse generation and all-optical thresholding devices

Motivated by the outstanding performance of graphene, graphene-like 2D materials have been intensively investigated, such as topological insulators, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) and black phosphorous. Recently, 2D titanium disulfide, a typical TMD, is found to have strong light absorption properties from visible to infrared region, which is highly attractive for applications in nonlinear photonics. Researchers have fabricated a novel saturable absorber device is successfully fabricated based on 2D TiS2 nanosheets for ultrashort pulse generation and all-optical thresholding at the communication band.

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19:12 Nature.ComObservation of the nonlinear Hall effect under time-reversal-symmetric conditions

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14:45 Phys.orgTailoring nonlinearity with time domain metasurface for wireless communication

Electromagnetic and optical nonlinear effects provide an important platform in a broad spectrum of technologies, including high harmonic generation, sum and difference frequency conversions, self-focusing, optical solitons, and multi-photon absorption. When illuminated by high light intensity, the material properties are modified depending on the applied electromagnetic field amplitudes, and the nonlinear process is greatly enhanced during the interaction between light and materials, giving rise to spectral components at new frequencies. Although tremendous advances for nonlinear manipulations have been achieved in recent years, the overall efficiency of the frequency conversion still remains very low.

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21:17 Nature.ComNonlinear rise in Greenland runoff in response to post-industrial Arctic warming

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17:16 Phys.orgNew device for symmetry-breaking-induced optical nonlinearity

Second-order nonlinear optical processes play a pivotal role in both classical and quantum applications, ranging from extension of the accessible frequencies to generation of quantum entangled photon pairs and squeezed states. This nonlinearity is ruled out, unfortunately, by inversion symmetry in materials lying at the heart of integrated photonics, for example, silica, silicon and silicon nitride.

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18:08 Technology.orgPhysicists Discover a New Way of Resonance Tuning for Nonlinear Optics

A research team from ITMO University and the Australian National University has discovered that different metasurfaces exhibit the

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17:20 Phys.orgPhysicists discover new way of resonance tuning for nonlinear optics

A research team from ITMO University and the Australian National University has discovered that different metasurfaces exhibit the same behavior provided a symmetry breaking is introduced to their unit cells "meta-atoms." Asymmetry of meta-atoms results in high-quality (high Q) resonances in the transmittance spectra of metasurfaces. Such resonances are capable of multiple amplification of external signals. By manipulating the asymmetry, scientists were able to control the resonances and thus an optical response, which is highly desirable for practical applications. The results of this research were published in Physical Review Letters.

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16:56 Nanowerk.comPhysicists discover a new way of resonance tuning for nonlinear optics

A research team has discovered that different metasurfaces exhibit the same behavior provided a symmetry breaking is introduced to their unit cells 'meta-atoms'. Asymmetry of meta-atoms results in high-quality (high Q) resonances in the transmittance spectra of metasurfaces.

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18:13 Editors' SuggestionsNonlinear standing waves in an array of coherently coupled Bose-Einstein condensates

Author(s): Christian Baals, Herwig Ott, Joachim Brand, and Antonio Muñoz Mateo The dynamics of an array of linearly coupled one-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensates is studied by a mean-field method, which reveals that the coupling leads to the system’s evolution into a range of phase textures including Josephson vortices, vortex dipoles, half-dark solitons, and arrays of the like.
[Phys. Rev. A 98, 053603] Published Thu Nov 01, 2018

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18:13 Editors' SuggestionsModeling reservoir computing with the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation

Author(s): Simone Borlenghi, Magnus Boman, and Anna Delin Reservoir computing is a promising way to implement biological and artificial neural network computing systems. This paper describes a procedure to encode and process information as thermodynamical forces and currents. As an example, the authors consider numerically a simple pattern recognition problem.
[Phys. Rev. E 98, 052101] Published Thu Nov 01, 2018

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18:08 Editors' SuggestionsNonlinear X-Wave Ultrasound Imaging of Acoustic Biomolecules

Author(s): David Maresca, Daniel P. Sawyer, Guillaume Renaud, Audrey Lee-Gosselin, and Mikhail G. Shapiro Researchers have figured out how to improve contrast and reduce background noise in ultrasound images acquired with a technique that uses air-filled protein structures.
[Phys. Rev. X 8, 041002] Published Thu Oct 04, 2018

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19:23 ScienceDaily.comNonlinear ghost imaging: Research could lead to better security scanners

Using a single pixel camera and terahertz electromagnetic waves, physicists have devised a novel imaging concept -- called nonlinear ghost imaging -- that could lead to the development of better airport scanners capable of detecting explosives.

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21:08 Editors' SuggestionsVlasov description of the effects of nonlinear chromaticity on transverse coherent beam instabilities

Author(s): M. Schenk, X. Buffat, K. Li, and A. Maillard A theoretical analysis of transverse coherent beam instabilities in the presence of nonlinear chromatic effects.
[Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 21, 084402] Published Fri Aug 24, 2018

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18:12 Editors' SuggestionsNonlinear Spectroscopy with X-Ray Two-Photon Absorption in Metallic Copper

Author(s): Kenji Tamasaku, Eiji Shigemasa, Yuichi Inubushi, Ichiro Inoue, Taito Osaka, Tetsuo Katayama, Makina Yabashi, Akihiro Koide, Toshihiko Yokoyama, and Tetsuya Ishikawa The first successful x-ray nonlinear spectroscopy with direct two-photon absorption is demonstrated, leading to a determination of the damage threshold for absorption spectroscopy.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 083901] Published Mon Aug 20, 2018

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16:33 Phys.orgElectrically tunable third-order nonlinear optical response in graphene

The research focus on 2-D materials has intensified with its potential to modulate light for superior performance and realize applications that can enhance existing technologies. Graphene, the best known 2-D material, derived from 3-D graphite, constitutes a monolayer of carbon atoms arranged in a 2-D hexagonal lattice, exhibiting strong ultra-wideband light-matter interactions, able to operate at an extremely broad spectral range, suited for next-generation photonics and optoelectronic devices. The unique electronic properties of graphene originate from Dirac cones, features in electronic band structures that host charge carriers of zero effective mass, so-called massless Dirac fermions that occur in 2-D materials. Materials scientists are currently at a stage of experimental infancy to realize many interesting properties of the nonlinear optical responses of graphene, to aid its promise

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13:18 Phys.orgPhysicists design a nano-resonator with strong nonlinear response

An international research team has found a way to make light frequency conversion at the nanoscale 100 times more efficient. The new method is based on isolated dielectric nanoparticles supporting bound states in the continuum. Such states form when radiating field oscillations in the particle suppress each other. This way, the electromagnetic energy inside the particle can be locked securely. The obtained results can be used for further studies of nonlinear optics, in particular, for development of tiny light conversion devices. The research was published in Physical Review Letters on July 19, 2018, on the cover of the issue.

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21:34 Technology.orgPhysicists design a nano-resonator with strong nonlinear response

An international research team has found a way to make light frequency conversion at the nanoscale a hundred

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17:33 Nanowerk.comPhysicists design a nano-resonator with strong nonlinear response

An international research team has found a way to make light frequency conversion at the nanoscale a hundred times more efficient.

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20:04 Editors' SuggestionsExact Confirmation of 1D Nonlinear Fluctuating Hydrodynamics for a Two-Species Exclusion Process

Author(s): Zeying Chen, Jan de Gier, Iori Hiki, and Tomohiro Sasamoto Nonlinear fluctuating hydrodynamics correctly predicts the long time behavior for multi-component systems.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 240601] Published Fri Jun 15, 2018

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18:05 Editors' SuggestionsExact Confirmation of 1D Nonlinear Fluctuating Hydrodynamics for a Two-Species Exclusion Process

Author(s): Zeying Chen, Jan de Gier, Iori Hiki, and Tomohiro Sasamoto Nonlinear fluctuation hydrodynamics correctly predict the long time behavior for multi-component systems.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 240601] Published Fri Jun 15, 2018

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18:11 Editors' SuggestionsGauge invariance of excitonic linear and nonlinear optical response

Author(s): Alireza Taghizadeh and T. G. Pedersen Excitons strongly influence the optical response of low-dimensional materials. Here, the authors propose a practical framework for calculating the excitonic linear and nonlinear optical response of multiband semiconductors based on the perturbative density matrix within the mean-field approximation. Using this framework, the equivalence of four different approaches is demonstrated analytically and numerically, if the correct velocity gauge interaction is used. The four approaches stem from two choices of gauge and two ways of computing the response functions. The present formalism can readily be extended to generate gauge invariant responses for higher-order nonlinear processes.
[Phys. Rev. B 97, 205432] Published Fri May 18, 2018

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18:10 Editors' SuggestionsGiant nonlinear interaction between two optical beams via a quantum dot embedded in a photonic wire

Author(s): H. A. Nguyen, T. Grange, B. Reznychenko, I. Yeo, P.-L. de Assis, D. Tumanov, F. Fratini, N. S. Malik, E. Dupuy, N. Gregersen, A. Auffèves, J.-M. Gérard, J. Claudon, and J.-Ph. Poizat Optical nonlinearities usually occur at large intensities, but discrete transitions allow for giant nonlinearities operating at the single-photon level. Here, the authors demonstrate a two-mode giant nonlinearity with a single semiconductor quantum dot, embedded in a broadband photonic wire antenna. They exploit two detuned optical transitions associated with the exciton-biexciton quantum-dot level scheme. The reflection of one laser beam is controlled by the other beam with a threshold power as low as ten photons per exciton lifetime (1.6 nW). Such a two-color nonlinearity opens up appealing perspectives for the realization of integrated ultralow-power

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23:12 ForbesWhat Is The Difference Between Nonlinear Mechanics And Chaos Theory?

What is the difference between nonlinear mechanics and the chaos theory? This question was originally answered on Quora by Harun Šiljak.

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18:15 Editors' SuggestionsTime-dependent nonlinear Jaynes-Cummings dynamics of a trapped ion

Author(s): F. Krumm and W. Vogel Solving the dynamics of a system described by a time-dependent nonlinear Jaynes-Cummings model is a daunting task due to time-ordering effects. The problem is shown to be circumvented by quantizing the pump field, leading to exactly solvable solutions.
[Phys. Rev. A 97, 043806] Published Fri Apr 06, 2018

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18:06 Editors' SuggestionsRole of electron tunneling in the nonlinear response of plasmonic nanogaps

Author(s): Garikoitz Aguirregabiria, Dana Codruta Marinica, Ruben Esteban, Andrey K. Kazansky, Javier Aizpurua, and Andrei G. Borisov In plasmonic dimers, tunneling of electrons through the gap between the nanoparticles is often seen as a major disadvantage due to the quenching of the near fields associated to it. Nevertheless, tunneling is a highly nonlinear process and thus it might be advantageous for certain nonlinear applications. Using time-dependent density functional theory, the authors investigate how the second- and third-harmonic generation is influenced by electron tunneling in plasmonic dimers. They show that the nonlinear currents associated to the tunneling process in ultranarrow gaps can strongly enhance the high-harmonic generation.
[Phys. Rev. B 97, 115430] Published Mon Mar 19, 2018

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18:19 Editors' SuggestionsAnalytical results for a conditional phase shift between single-photon pulses in a nonlocal nonlinear medium

Author(s): Balakrishnan Viswanathan and Julio Gea-Banacloche The use of optical nonlinearities to implement quantum logical gates at the single-photon level is analytically investigated. A thorough discussion on why previous no-go arguments may not hold is presented.
[Phys. Rev. A 97, 032314] Published Tue Mar 13, 2018

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18:23 Editors' SuggestionsShaping Microwave Fields Using Nonlinear Unsolicited Feedback: Application to Enhance Energy Harvesting

Author(s): Philipp del Hougne, Mathias Fink, and Geoffroy Lerosey The conceptual “smart home” features a multitude of sensors to monitor temperature, motion, humidity, etc. The prospect of wireless sensor powering via an ambient Wi-Fi field is enticing, but current methods to harvest this energy are too inefficient. The authors show that a simple, clever control scheme for indoor Wi-Fi reverberation can concentrate the waves on a harvesting device, drastically increasing energy collection. Also, the harvester’s natural re-emission of specific signals during collection can be exploited, for focusing without direct access to the device. Such indirect, unsolicited, blind feedback might be useful in other fields, too, such as telecommunications.
[Phys. Rev. Applied 8, 061001] Published Wed Dec 27, 2017

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19:07 Editors' SuggestionsGeneration of Caustics and Rogue Waves from Nonlinear Instability

Author(s): Akbar Safari, Robert Fickler, Miles J. Padgett, and Robert W. Boyd Experiments show that the nonlinear response of an optical system can enhance localization of energy, leading to the formation of rogue waves.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 203901] Published Mon Nov 13, 2017

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20:11 Editors' SuggestionsCross-Kerr Nonlinearity for Phonon Counting

Author(s): Shiqian Ding, Gleb Maslennikov, Roland Hablützel, and Dzmitry Matsukevich The motional states of trapped ions are nonlinearly coupled through the anharmonicity of the inter-ion Coublomb interaction.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 193602] Published Wed Nov 08, 2017

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15:06 Phys.orgExtraordinarily strong nonlinear optical graphene-like material could renovate nonlinear photonics

Nonlinear optics is a key enabling technology of our modern society, such as in imaging and high-speed data communication. But the traditional devices suffer from relatively small nonlinear optical coefficients of conventional optical materials. An interdisciplinary team of scientists from Aalto University, University of Eastern Finland, University of Arizona, Cambridge University, University of Ottawa, Italian Institute of Technology, and National University of Singapore, discovered that monolayer molybdenum disulfide, a unique two-dimensional (2-D) layered material similar to graphene, has an extremely large nonlinear optical response, which can efficiently convert low-energy photons into coherent high-energy photons.

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19:22 Editors' SuggestionsFixing extensions to general relativity in the nonlinear regime

Author(s): Juan Cayuso, Néstor Ortiz, and Luis Lehner Motivated by theoretical considerations as well as observations, extensions of general relativity to higher energies as well as cosmological scales are being considered. Favorite among these are the higher curvature corrections, which, however, typically lead to ill-posed initial value problems. The authors here show how to transform these ill-posed problems into well-posed problems.
[Phys. Rev. D 96, 084043] Published Mon Oct 23, 2017

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20:21 Editors' SuggestionsGenerating Single-Spike Hard X-Ray Pulses with Nonlinear Bunch Compression in Free-Electron Lasers

Author(s): S. Huang, Y. Ding, Y. Feng, E. Hemsing, Z. Huang, J. Krzywinski, A. A. Lutman, A. Marinelli, T. J. Maxwell, and D. Zhu X-ray free-electron lasers have been used to generate single spikes of hard x rays that are only 200 attoseconds long.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 154801] Published Tue Oct 10, 2017

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20:44 ScienceDaily.comNonlinear physics bridges thoughts to sounds in birdsong

The beautiful sound of birdsongs emerging from the trees is a wonderful example of how much nature can still teach us, even as much about their origins are still mysterious to us. About 40 percent of bird species learn to vocalize when they are exposed to a tutor, a behavior of interest to many neurologists and neurobiologists. The other 60 percent can vocalize instinctually in isolation. The variety across species, and the relationship between the nervous system and biomechanics makes birdsong production a complex process to unravel and understand.

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18:15 Phys.orgNonlinear physics bridges thoughts to sounds in birdsong

The beautiful sound of birdsongs emerging from the trees is a wonderful example of how much nature can still teach us, even as much about their origins are still mysterious to us. About 40 percent of bird species learn to vocalize when they are exposed to a tutor, a behavior of interest to many neurologists and neurobiologists. The other 60 percent can vocalize instinctually in isolation. The variety across species, and the relationship between the nervous system and biomechanics makes birdsong production a complex process to unravel and understand.

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17:45 Nanowerk.comPhysicists observe amplification of an optical signal within cubic nonlinear nanostructures

Scientists achieved the oherent amplification of a localized optical signal within a planar titanium nitride nanoantenna.

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22:40 Editors' SuggestionsNonlinear Self-Action of Light through Biological Suspensions

Author(s): Anna Bezryadina, Tobias Hansson, Rekha Gautam, Benjamin Wetzel, Graham Siggins, Andrew Kalmbach, Josh Lamstein, Daniel Gallardo, Edward J. Carpenter, Andrew Ichimura, Roberto Morandotti, and Zhigang Chen A laser beam sent through a suspension of marine bacteria pulls the organisms into the beam, which focuses the light.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 058101] Published Fri Aug 04, 2017

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18:33 Editors' SuggestionsSimulation of an optomechanical quantum memory in the nonlinear regime

Author(s): R. Y. Teh, S. Kiesewetter, M. D. Reid, and P. D. Drummond A full quantum simulation of the photon-phonon interaction in an optomechanical system is developed. The implications for the quantum storage of coherent states are discussed, showing that even with current experimental parameters, unexpectedly strong nonlinear effects can dominate spectral features and reduce the quantum memory fidelity.
[Phys. Rev. A 96, 013854] Published Thu Jul 27, 2017

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23:52 Editors' SuggestionsUniversality of the Peregrine Soliton in the Focusing Dynamics of the Cubic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation

Author(s): Alexey Tikan, Cyril Billet, Gennady El, Alexander Tovbis, Marco Bertola, Thibaut Sylvestre, Francois Gustave, Stephane Randoux, Goëry Genty, Pierre Suret, and John M. Dudley The Peregrine soliton, a special kind of soliton whose shape is localized in space and time, exists in a wider range of scenarios than previously thought.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 033901] Published Tue Jul 18, 2017

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21:44 Editors' SuggestionsInversion of the exciton built-in dipole moment in In(Ga)As quantum dots via nonlinear piezoelectric effect

Author(s): Johannes Aberl, Petr Klenovský, Johannes S. Wildmann, Javier Martín-Sánchez, Thomas Fromherz, Eugenio Zallo, Josef Humlíček, Armando Rastelli, and Rinaldo Trotta Piezoelectric effects can strongly affect the position and shape of the electron and hole wave functions in compound semiconductors quantum dots (QDs). From the point of view of theoretical semiconductor physics, this is a well-documented notion. From an experimental point of view, however, the extreme sensitivity of the electronic properties of QDs to tiny variations of their shape, size, and composition makes it very challenging to single out the effect of piezoelectricity, which is often neglected in the analysis of experimental data. Here, the authors demonstrate that externally induced piezoelectric fields can be used for wave function engineering and to even force an

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20:51 Editors' SuggestionsHidden Area and Mechanical Nonlinearities in Freestanding Graphene

Author(s): Ryan J. T. Nicholl, Nickolay V. Lavrik, Ivan Vlassiouk, Bernadeta R. Srijanto, and Kirill I. Bolotin The crumpling of graphene sheets explains a “soft spot” in the material’s mechanical response.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 266101] Published Tue Jun 27, 2017

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20:52 Editors' SuggestionsNonlinear Surface Lattice Resonance in Plasmonic Nanoparticle Arrays

Author(s): Lior Michaeli, Shay Keren-Zur, Ori Avayu, Haim Suchowski, and Tal Ellenbogen A 30-fold increase in second harmonic emission is reported from an array of split-ring resonators. The enhancement is attributed to two sources: the Rayleigh-Wood anomaly and a collective surface lattice resonance mode.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 243904] Published Fri Jun 16, 2017

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20:28 Nature.ComRobust wireless power transfer using a nonlinear parity–time-symmetric circuit

Considerable progress in wireless power transfer has been made in the realm of non-radiative transfer, which employs magnetic-field coupling in the near field. A combination of circuit resonance and impedance transformation is often used to help to achieve efficient transfer of power over a predetermined distance of about the size of the resonators. The development of non-radiative wireless power transfer has paved the way towards real-world applications such as wireless powering of implantable medical devices and wireless charging of stationary electric vehicles. However, it remains a fundamental challenge to create a wireless power transfer system in which the transfer efficiency is robust against the variation of operating conditions. Here we propose theoretically and demonstrate experimentally that a parity–time-symmetric circuit incorporating a nonlinear gain saturation element provides

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17:38 Editors' SuggestionsQuantum Nonlinear Optics with a Germanium-Vacancy Color Center in a Nanoscale Diamond Waveguide

Author(s): M. K. Bhaskar, D. D. Sukachev, A. Sipahigil, R. E. Evans, M. J. Burek, C. T. Nguyen, L. J. Rogers, P. Siyushev, M. H. Metsch, H. Park, F. Jelezko, M. Lončar, and M. D. Lukin A diamond color center with a germanium defect has superior optical coherence properties over other color centers, with implications for application.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 223603] Published Wed May 31, 2017

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22:37 Editors' SuggestionsSelf-Similar Nanocavity Design with Ultrasmall Mode Volume for Single-Photon Nonlinearities

Author(s): Hyeongrak Choi, Mikkel Heuck, and Dirk Englund A carefully shaped air gap in a silicon block would concentrate laser light enough to produce photons that interact with one another, even using a weak laser beam, according to theory.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 223605] Published Tue May 30, 2017

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17:11 ScienceDaily.comStudy unravels long-held Fermi puzzle tied to nonlinear systems

Nonlinear systems can indeed reach equilibrium, according to new research from an international team of physicists. The work has implications in materials science and other fields.

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19:09 Editors' SuggestionsNonlinear Rheology in a Model Biological Tissue

Author(s): D. A. Matoz-Fernandez, Elisabeth Agoritsas, Jean-Louis Barrat, Eric Bertin, and Kirsten Martens A new model is developed to describe the crossover from linear to non-linear rheology in flowing active tissues. The model is based on stress fluctuations mediated by long-range elastic interactions.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 158105] Published Fri Apr 14, 2017

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19:02 Phys.orgStudy unravels long-held Fermi puzzle tied to nonlinear systems

In physics, the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou (FPUT) problem—which found that certain nonlinear systems do not disperse their energy, but rather return to their initial excited states—has been a challenge that scientists have tackled repeatedly since 1955.

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14:59 Phys.orgPulsed ion beams reveal nonlinearity of radiation defect dynamics in silicon carbide

Materials scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) got a step closer to understanding defect interaction dynamics in silicon carbide.

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12:41 Technology.orgPulsed ion beams reveal nonlinearity of radiation defect dynamics in silicon carbide

Materials scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) got a step closer to understanding defect interaction dynamics in

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16:34 Nanowerk.comNonlinear optics

Researchers show that silicon can reproduce physical phenomena exploited by high-end telecommunications devices.

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23:01 Phys.orgFeature issue on nonlinear optics provides insight into field's latest ideas

A large number of researchers are working in the area of nonlinear optics, which is the study of all effects that can be described as multi-photon interactions in various materials systems, including cases where the frequency of one or more photons tends to zero. Motivated by the needs of these researchers, meetings have sprung up over the past few years under the name "Foundations of Nonlinear Optics." The two most recent of these meetings took place at Lehigh University in 2015, and at Tufts University in 2016, and the next one will take place at the University of Bahamas.

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15:32 Phys.orgImage: Oceanic nonlinear internal solitary waves from the Lombok Strait

On November 1, 2016, NASA's Aqua satellite passed over Indonesia, allowing the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on board to capture a stunning true-color image of oceanic nonlinear internal solitary waves from the Lombok Strait.

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23:07 Editors' SuggestionsNonlinear Dynamics and Strong Cavity Cooling of Levitated Nanoparticles

Author(s): P. Z. G. Fonseca, E. B. Aranas, J. Millen, T. S. Monteiro, and P. F. Barker Millilelvin cavity cooling of levitated nanoparticles is experimentally demonstrated.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 173602] Published Fri Oct 21, 2016

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16:11 Editors' SuggestionsEnhanced nonlinear imaging through scattering media using transmission-matrix-based wave-front shaping

Author(s): Hilton B. de Aguiar, Sophie Brasselet, and Sylvain Gigan A method is proposed to optimize signals in nonlinear microscopy in order to circumvent difficulties associated with scattering media. In comparison to traditional nonlinear optimization techniques, the obtained results show a faster and more efficient imaging capability.
[Phys. Rev. A 94, 043830] Published Tue Oct 18, 2016

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06:24 ScienceDaily.comUsing nonlinearity in understanding market forces

There are certain markets within the U.S. and global economies in which two major corporations dominate. For example, Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc. are the two major firms that compete with each other in the soft drink market. These situations are called duopolies and they create an interesting set of dynamics within the market.

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20:38 Phys.orgUsing nonlinearity in understanding market forces: Researchers clarify factors affecting competitive advantage

There are certain markets within the U.S. and global economies in which two major corporations dominate. For example, Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc. are the two major firms that compete with each other in the soft drink market. These situations are called duopolies and they create an interesting set of dynamics within the market.

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16:14 Phys.orgA 'nonlinear' effect that seemingly turns materials transparent is seen for the first time in X-rays at SLAC's LCLS

Imagine getting a medical X-ray that comes out blank – as if your bones had vanished. That's what happened when scientists cranked up the intensity of the world's first X-ray laser, at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, to get a better look at a sample they were studying: The X-rays seemed to go right through it as if it were not there.

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20:34 Editors' SuggestionsQuantum-Enhanced Sensing Based on Time Reversal of Nonlinear Dynamics

Author(s): D. Linnemann, H. Strobel, W. Muessel, J. Schulz, R. J. Lewis-Swan, K. V. Kheruntsyan, and M. K. Oberthaler Spin-changing collisions between atoms in a Bose-Einstein condensate are used experimentally to implement a non-linear interferometer for quantum-enhanced phase measurements with sensitivity better than the standard quantum limit.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 013001] Published Tue Jun 28, 2016

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16:51 Editors' SuggestionsEffects of Nonlinear Inhomogeneity on the Cosmic Expansion with Numerical Relativity

Author(s): Eloisa Bentivegna and Marco Bruni Cosmologists have begun using fully relativistic models to understand the effects of inhomogeneous matter distribution on the evolution of the Universe.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 251302] Published Fri Jun 24, 2016

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13:49 Phys.orgUltrasensitive nonlinear metamaterials for data transfer

Scientists have demonstrated the effect of all-optical switching between streams of photons, born during the third harmonic generation process, using non-linear metamaterials. Researchers at Lomonosov Moscow State University planned the study and conducted calculations and experiments, while their German colleagues made samples of metamaterials. The results are published in Scientific Reports. According to Maxim Scherbakov, researcher at MSU's Laboratory of Nanophotonic metamaterials, the work will make it possible to use the metamaterials to create high-speed communication technologies in future.

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19:02 Nanowerk.comUltrasensitive nonlinear metamaterials for data transfer

Scientists demonstrated the effect of the all-optical switching between streams of photons using non-linear metamaterials.

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11:55 AzoNano.comNonlinear Effects in Graphene Membranes Show promise for New Telecommunication Technology

Next-generation ICT can now be developed using the nonlinear effects present in graphene membranes. Similar to drums in usual drumsets, nanoscale graphene membranes have a unique set of oscillating...

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14:23 Nanowerk.comNonlinear effects in graphene membranes can be used for next-generation ICT

Like drums in regular drumsets, graphene membranes at the nanoscale possess a distinct set of oscillating modes that correspond to specific oscillation frequencies. The modes can be excited by applying an external voltage.

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21:58 Nature.ComAttosecond nonlinear polarization and light–matter energy transfer in solids

Electric-field-induced charge separation (polarization) is the most fundamental manifestation of the interaction of light with matter and a phenomenon of great technological relevance. Nonlinear optical polarization produces coherent radiation in spectral ranges inaccessible by lasers and constitutes the key to ultimate-speed signal manipulation. Terahertz techniques have provided experimental access to this important observable up to frequencies of several terahertz. Here we demonstrate that attosecond metrology extends the resolution to petahertz frequencies of visible light. Attosecond polarization spectroscopy allows measurement of the response of the electronic system of silica to strong (more than one volt per ångström) few-cycle optical (about 750 nanometres) fields. Our proof-of-concept study provides time-resolved insight into the attosecond nonlinear polarization and the

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23:26 Editors' SuggestionsNonlinear optical effects and third-harmonic generation in superconductors: Cooper pairs versus Higgs mode contribution

Author(s): T. Cea, C. Castellani, and L. Benfatto In conventional superconductors, the energy gap lies in the frequency range of few tenths of terahertz (THz), making THz spectroscopy the best tool to access its fundamental excitations. Recently it has been shown by R. Matsunaga \textit{et al}. that the use of intense, coherent multicycle THz pulses allows one to measure, in a NbN film, a component of the transmitted pulse oscillating three times faster than the incident light. It is found that this effect, named third-harmonic generation, has its maximum intensity at the temperature below Tc, where the light frequency ω matches the superconducting gap value Δ(T), pointing to a resonant process involving excitations specific of the superconducting state. What is the nature of this resonance? While previous work attributed this resonance to the

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19:19 Editors' SuggestionsMicromechanics of nonlinear plastic modes

Author(s): Edan Lerner This paper presents an atomistic theory of the onset and scaling of nonlinear plastic modes arising from the deformation of elastic solids. The author shows that, in spite of some similarities, these modes exhibit a different behavior when compared with the conventional eigenmodes associated with the diagonalization of the dynamical matrix; this makes them a suitable variable to gain further insight in the problem of glasses subjected to external stresses.
[Phys. Rev. E 93, 053004] Published Mon May 16, 2016

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03:19 Technology.orgResearchers demonstrate record optical nonlinearity

Work by an internationally acclaimed Rochester professor may offer an alternative to the way in which researchers have
The post Researchers demonstrate record optical nonlinearity has been published on Technology Org.

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17:45 Editors' SuggestionsNonlinear single Compton scattering of an electron wave packet

Author(s): A. Angioi, F. Mackenroth, and A. Di Piazza Nonlinear Compton scattering is investigated with the electron’s initial state being a superposition of different momenta, where an absence of interference is found between pathways involving different initial momenta of the electron.
[Phys. Rev. A 93, 052102] Published Mon May 02, 2016

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21:34'Game-changer' for photonics applications: Researchers demonstrate record optical nonlinearity

Work by an internationally renowned University of Rochester professor may offer an alternative to the way in which researchers have approached some photonics applications.

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13:34 Phys.orgNonlinear rotational Doppler effect in light observed for the first time

Experimental physicist Prof. Thomas Zentgraf and his two colleagues from the University of Birmingham, Dr. Guixin Li and Prof. Shuang Zhang, have for the first time proved experimentally the nonlinear rotational Doppler effect of light—nearly 50 years after its theoretical prediction by the Dutch Nobel Laureate Nicolaas Bloembergen.

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18:04 Editors' SuggestionsNonlinear and time-resolved optical study of the 112-type iron-based superconductor parent Ca_{1−x} La_{x} FeAs_{2} across its structural phase transition

Author(s): J. W. Harter, H. Chu, S. Jiang, N. Ni, and D. Hsieh The authors measure the nonlinear optical response of Ca1−xLaxFeAs2 to investigate the detailed structural symmetries of the recently discovered 112-type family of iron-based superconductors. They find a strong and anisotropic optical second-harmonic response, identifying C2 and C1 as the high- and low-temperature crystallographic point groups, respectively. This makes the 112-type materials the first known high-temperature superconductors to break structural inversion symmetry, allowing for the possible mixing of singlet and triplet Cooper pairs in the superconducting state. In addition, the intrinsically low crystallographic symmetry of this family of materials can potentially stabilize large single domains of the electronic nematic state ubiquitous in the iron-based

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